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    Advising Signups for BSN programs

    Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate BSN programs

    My role as your Senior Undergraduate Nursing Admissions Advisor at TTUHSC SON is to guide you in initiating long range educational planning and direct you to opportunities and resources that will enrich your nursing school application. You are strongly encouraged to plan visits with me during the academic year for in-depth discussion about long-term goals or other concerns.


    1. Learn as much as possible about School of Nursing admission requirements that affect you. The TTUHSC School of Nursing Undergraduate Catalog contains a wealth of important and useful information. Academic requirements change, but the catalog current for when you plan to apply to the School of Nursing is your contract regarding the program requirements you are required to meet.

    2. Prepare for our meeting by making a list of questions and topics you want to discuss related to the TTUHSC School of Nursing. These topics might be related to general education requirements, preparing for an interview, as well as the academic calendar, or financial concerns. If selection of classes is one of the topics, you should have done some thinking about course selection, and SON application deadlines, in advance of our advising meeting.

    **Chairs and the office staff at your current institution of higher education know a lot about policies, processes, and paperwork connected with strategizing good academic outcomes and dealing with emergencies: add-drop and withdrawal issues and deadlines; degree requirements outside the pre-nursing major; illness or family issues that affect a student’s academic work; classroom or grading issues; academic standing; double majors and double degrees; graduation; etc. A call to your chair or academic advisor can often quickly connect you with accurate information about academic policies and with resources to help you solve problems.

    3. Make advising appointments and keep them: what applies to the advisor here also applies to the advisee. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you are expected to notify the office in advance. We understand that emergencies arise, but it is your responsibility to inform the advisor that you will be unable to make your appointment.



    1. Be Available: Prospective nursing students need to be able to see an admissions advisor as needed throughout the pre-nursing journey, not just at time of application. It is not reasonable to expect a student to cut a class to accommodate posted office hours. Therefore, admissions advisors will be accessible through voice mail and electronic mail, and should respond to messages within one business day.

    2. Be Knowledgeable: Advisees have the right to expect their advisors to give them accurate information about TTUHSC SON and program requirements, about procedures, about policies, and about deadlines.

    3. Care: Every pre-nursing student has the right to be treated by his/her/their admissions advisor in a respectful, caring, considerate manner. Information can be dispensed in many ways, but advice can only be given through an interactive process in which the goals, abilities, successes and shortcomings of the advisee are known and respected.

    • Admissions advisors are not personal counselors. Students should not expect their advisors to help them sort out personal problems. Advisors are not trained to help with these situations; your institution of higher education has professional counselors that are and students should be encouraged to take advantage of those services through the Counseling Center or Student Affairs.

    • Admissions advisors are not tutors. Advisees should not expect their advisors to give supplemental or remedial instruction in their academic courses.

    • Admissions advisors are friendly, but should not be expected to be pals. Advisees should respect the fact that advisors are actively engaged people whose time is important; they should not plan to “drop in” on an advisor without an appointment



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